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Planned Preventative Maintenance

One of many Planned Maintenance surveys we have carried out for education clients, this secondary school is part of the Co-op Academies Trust’s current portfolio. We also complete surveys of independent schools prior to their acquisition by the Trust.

Compass inspected the property during term time, working around the hustle and bustle of pupils. The site had been constructed and extended various times over the past 25 years and so our task was to unpick the expected remaining life of each element.

A PPM report was prepared forecasting the future maintenance work over the next 10 years. We allocated a condition and priority rating to every element as part of a risk matrix, with helpful summary graphs and tables to accompany the database. Reporting was broken down per block, though we can tailor the format and structure of our reports to suit the client’s individual needs.

Most property owners, asset managers etc like to understand upcoming expenditure for budgetary purposes. In this case, our PPM report assists the Trust with their allocation of devolved funding for both maintenance and improvement projects. We can similarly assist with CIF bids for independent schools and smaller Multi-Academy Trusts.

A range of smaller typical repair tasks were identified which will be suitable for the on-site maintenance staff to undertake on an ongoing basis. Compass highlighted where larger expenditure would be required in the longer term; replacement of gas boilers, for example. This enables the client to plan the work and secure necessary funding for a specialist contractor to complete the work.

We give particular consideration to the building envelope as a critical weatherproofing element. Drone surveys, access platforms and telescopic photography are all within our armoury to view hidden and high-level elements. These are often the neglected areas which form and important part of the annual maintenance regime.

Compass combined knowledge of construction technology and legislation to highlight where there may be some compliance and/or safety issues. We also advised on measures to reduce energy consumption and sustainability, which is a vital component in the upkeep of large properties.