Tenants should protect their future financial liabilities at Lease expiry by incorporating a comprehensive Schedule of Condition within the Lease at the outset. An accurate Schedule of Condition and lease plan can help to limit liabilities to repair, redecorate and reinstate the property in accordance with the Lease terms and conditions – known as Dilapidations claims.

Schedule of Condition York

We have the expertise and experience of handling Dilapidations claims on behalf of both landlords and tenants. We are acutely aware of the issues that can arise when a Schedule of Condition has been overlooked or poorly produced. This can result in Tenants having much higher liabilities than would otherwise have been the case, had an appropriate Schedule of Condition been incorporated at the outset.

The importance of having an accurate Schedule of Condition legally incorporated into the Lease at its commencement cannot be over-stated. For example, a single photograph of a delaminated or corroded roof sheet has the potential to save many thousands of pounds come lease end.
Daniel Leaf – Director

What is a Schedule of Condition?

A Schedule of Condition accurately records the condition of a property in detail. The document typically includes:

  • A general description of the property.
  • A detailed schedule documenting the condition of each element of the building.
  • A photographic schedule to provide visual evidence of the condition.
  • Where required, video evidence of a building’s condition.
  • Plans and drawings depicting the property’s configuration.
  • Specialist information such as the condition of Mechanical and Electrical installations, including testing where appropriate.

What happens to the Schedule of Condition?

The Schedule of Condition should be appended to the Lease. By referencing the Schedule of Condition and Photographic Schedule in the Lease, an agreed understanding of the condition of the property at the start of the Lease is created and therefore clearer expectations on the Landlord and Tenant at the Lease Termination. Merely holding photographs ‘on file’ would not generally limit a Tenant’s obligations if there is no Schedule of Condition appended to the Lease.