Appointing an independent Monitoring Surveyor is highly recommended for building or renovation projects which are funded by a third-party lender. This service helps to reduce exposure to financial and compliance risks, whilst identifying potential problems with the build design and construction to provide the mechanism for timely solutions to aid the smooth and efficient completion of the project. The role is often referred to as Development Monitoring, Lender’s Monitoring Surveyor, Funder’s Surveyor etc.

Monitoring Surveyor York

Compass have the specialist knowledge to review the planning, design and construction with building owners, investors, developers, and occupiers to offer professional guidance to make the project as efficient as possible.

Development finance can often carry significant risks to the lender. Our role aims to minimise any chance of the project performance failing, and to ensure that the investor is not exposed to unnecessary risk. We understand how development agreements are structured and report on the key aspects until completion.

We enjoy getting to know clients and their businesses before we embark on a project to fully understand the key objectives. Then we work closely with the construction team to achieve the efficient completion of the project.
Daniel Leaf – Director

Project Monitoring services can include:

The Planning Stage:

Monitoring the project right from the outset can avoid costly oversights and set a clear course through to satisfactory completion. We tailor a scope of service that suits the individual needs of each project including;

  • Feasibility Study & Review of Project Costs.
  • Report on the suitability of the design team and the Developer.
  • Assessment of Budgetary Constraints & Review Funding Agreements.
  • Appraise Design & Specification.
  • Assist with Tender process for contractors and sub-contractors.
  • Advise on Statutory Compliance.

The Construction Phase:

Whether we have assisted at the planning stage or not, Compass Building Consultancy will work alongside contactors, sub-contractors, and consultants at the Construction Phase to identify and address potential problems.

Our services during the Construction Phase include:

  • Monitor the overall quality of the build and compliance.
  • Review costs and budgetary constraints.
  • Advise on practical completion of the construction phase.
  • Identify defects and advise on making good.

For more information about Project Monitoring and other relevant services download our Quick Guide.